2017 Tackle Registration

***New*** Important for this year, is the fact that the Province of BC (the BCPFA) joined Football Canada, along with the rest of the Country!!!  This is awesome for us for a number of reasons, but presents one more step in our Registration process.  

  • Go to https://fc-bc.goalline.ca/register.php?reg_form_id=12010 to Register for Football Canada, and obtain your Football Canada Registration ID Number (it will be emailed to you). The cost is $11.

    1. Tips – You are NOT a returning player as far as Football Canada is concerned, so select “No”, not a returning player

    2. It doesn’t matter if you say Spring or Fall for Season, or Flag or Tackle for Discipline, your child will be covered for both

    3. Even though is says PayPal, you may still pay by Credit Card or Debit.


Contact the registrar at roaringwiththebears@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.