Fall Tackle:

Registration for the fall tackle season is now closed! 

Registration Instructions:

Go to https://fc-bc.goalline.ca/register.php?reg_form_id=20193 to Register for Football Canada, and obtain your Football Canada Registration ID Number (it will be emailed to you). The cost is $11.

1.    It doesn’t matter if you say Spring or Fall for Season, or Flag or Tackle for Discipline, your child will be covered for both

2.    Even though it says PayPal, you may still pay by Credit Card or Debit.

Go to https://secure.esportsdesk.com/login.cfm?clientID=5995&leagueID=24539  and log on with your existing esportsdesk account.

  1. You will need to select the BCCFA option (top option of the 3)
  2. And put in your Football Canada Registration ID Number in

Spring Flag :

This is a 5 on 5, non-contact flag football league that runs through the VMFL & BCCFA from April to June. Each team is made up of 8-10 players and games are played over 6 weekends.  Each weekend teams play four games jamboree style. Practices two nights per week.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, roaringwiththebears@gmail.com