NLFA Bears Volunteer Duties

Executive – We are a parent-run volunteer group. Many of us have more than one job, we’d love to share! Contact our President Steve Aasen  to get involved. We’d love to have you.

Executive Positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Registrar, Directors, Member at large.
Associate Member Positions: Coaching Coordinator, Equipment Manager, Fundraising Coordinator, Advertising Coordinator,  Food/ Manager/Buyer, Clothing/merchandise Sales
Executive Support Positions: Recruitment,  Webmaster,  Special Events,  Media Liaison, Fundraising Team
Team Support Positions: Head Coach or Assistant Coach, Team Parent, Game Film /photos (home & away), Trailer Transport/Storage

Volunteer Duties outside of game days:
Registration drives, picture day, equipment handout, equipment turn in, join the executive. fundraising coordinator. media liason, Equipment Repair, Website updates, financial reporting, treasurer, gaming funds application, secretary, league meetings, township meetings for field assignments, registration. Year End Awards night. Trainer/First Aid – game days, practice days.
Remember, its all for our kids!

Volunteer Duties at Every Home Game:
Each of the following positions will be assigned by your team parent for each home game….

Commissioner: The commissioner is under the direction of the refs and is responsible for putting the score up on the score board, running the kicking tee out onto the field and following directions from the ref. (1 parent needed)
Chain Gang: The parents on the Chain Gang mark the yards gained and lost on the field. Being on the Chain Gang is definitely the best place from which to watch the game. (3 parents needed)
Concessions: Parents who work in the concession stand cook hotdogs, cut onions, serve food and sell merchandise. This is a good place to be if it is raining or you like to socialize. (4 parents needed)
50/50 Ticket Sales: Sell 50/50 tickets, count money and divide money equally into two envelopes. (2 parents needed)
Field Set-up: This is done by parents and coaches from all teams. There is always someone there who knows what goes where and what needs to be done. (up to 6 parents needed)
Field Take-Down: This is done by parents and coaches from whichever team plays the last game of the day. It includes getting all equipment and concession items back into the trailer and making sure that the field is left clean and that nothing has been left behind. (up to 6 parents needed)
Game Announcer: (1 parent needed) A good knowledge of the game and a clear enthusiastic voice make this easier.
Time Keeper: The ref’s keep official time but its helpful to keep the score board clock running as close to the ref’s time as possible. Need good hearing and one good button pushing finger. (1 parent needed)

None of the volunteer duties require any previous experience or knowledge about football. There are usually lots of people around to help and give direction if required. Volunteering is a really big part of making your child’s experience with football a positive one and your help is always appreciated.